FYI: Reverse Crunches Are Regular Crunches—But 10 Times Better

As someone who isn't exactly the "gym-going" type—I always find myself at a loss when discussing exercise moves and fitness routines. Such was the case when the term "reverse crunches" came across my computer screen. I didn't know where to start, how they're different than regular crunches, and if I should even be doing them. That, and if there's a benefit for those who aren't looking to lose weight. Of course, we're all always trying to look our best and tone up when we can, but I like to know if an exercise has other perks as well. Does it help with back pain? Focus? Anxiety? Turns out, reverse crunches can benefit your body and your mind in more ways than one. 

Below, find everything you need to know about the exercise move and why you should even be trying it to begin with. Keep scrolling for a few fitness experts' best advice.