7 Helpful Postnasal Drip Remedies, According to an Immunologist

Here's an interesting bit of information: Your nose and throat naturally produce up to two quarts of mucus every day. (Crazy, right?) The purpose is to moisten your nose and throat while also cleansing these cavities of foreign matter. You'll generally swallow it throughout the day without noticing, but when the mucus secretions (is there a worse pairing of words?) become thick or you're experiencing issues swallowing, you'll feel that leaky-faucet dripping sensation.

While postnasal drip is often associated with head colds, there are myriad other possible causes: allergies, cold temperatures, bright lights, certain foods/spices, pregnancy, and other hormonal changes, to name a few. Certain medications can also bring about postnasal drip, as well as anatomical issues, like a deviated septum. It's a terribly uncomfortable sensation, especially if you have a sore throat to boot, so we turned to immunologist Ebru Karpuzoglu, MS, Ph.D., CEO of immune-conscious beauty brand AveSeena, to find out how to naturally return to a normal state of mucus production.