3 Tricks to Help You Actually Enjoy Running Again

How to Enjoy Running
Photo: Ally Love

Ally Love is a certified health coach, fitness model, NBA host, and Peloton instructor. She's also the founder of Love Squad, an online destination created to empower women through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. As a contributor for THE/THIRTY, she'll be sharing her honest perspective on staying in shape and living a truly well-rounded, healthy life. This month, she shares how she makes running a habit—even when she's feeling less than motivated.

Three years ago, I started my running journey. Previously, I couldn't even make it one mile without stopping. As a former professional dancer and studio-workout junkie, I never bothered with the idea of running, especially since it seemed quite tedious and boring. The activities I was accustomed to were a lot more colorful—at least for me.

It took some coercion by a close friend to sign up for a half-marathon as a challenge. I can't say my first half-marathon was enjoyable, but after eight more plus a couple of 10Ks, I can finally say that I'm totally in love—okay, and in hate—with running.

While I usually find pleasure in hitting the pavement, I've definitely experienced times when I don't, times when I've fallen off the wagon and am not sure if I'll ever get back on. But as with most things, somehow I always do—thanks in part to a few habits that I fall back on to get me motivated again.

>Here are three simple tricks to help you enjoy running, whether you're trying to get into it for the first time or want to reestablish the habit.