These Healing Foods for Headaches Will Undo That Pounding Migraine

When I heard that there were foods you could eat that could help soothe a headache, I immediately had to look into it. As someone who is headache-prone and Tylenol-adverse (growing up, whenever I got a migraine, my parents strongly discouraged taking medication), a pain reliever in food form is one of the few things for I actively wish for. 

I spoke with nutritionist Stella Metsovas and asked her if these miracle foods do exist. Her answer: They do. But just because you eat a food known to help with a headache doesn't mean it's a cure. So short of getting rid of headaches completely (I will continue to wish for that groundbreaking discovery), Metsovas broke down for us what foods we should look for once we feel some throbbing in our heads. Scroll down to see what foods she says can help soothe a pounding headache.