The Best Multivitamins for Women, According to Nutritionists

As much as we'd like to say we eat leafy green salads every day for lunch and something along the same vein for dinner a few hours later, we can't. Try as we might (and we do try), our diets aren't always made up of the colorful fruits and vegetables that they could be. And honestly, we're at peace with that. We'll gladly enjoy our avocados, berries, and oven-roasted brussels sprouts any day. Here at Byrdie, we think it's important to have streaks of indulgence here and there. And after receiving so many mixed messages regarding diets, we're now very much into feeding our souls—not society's standards.

However, we're also aware that it's easy to neglect our nutritional needs for days, weeks, or even months at a time. That's where high-quality supplements come in. An easy and efficient way to fill in nutritional deficiency gaps, multivitamins can serve as a useful tool to ensure we're meeting our body's needs on a routine basis—even on those days where we forget to eat the side of vegetables on our plate.

As with most things in the food and wellness world, fundamentals like quality, formulation, and sourcing are important when choosing a supplement. Similarly, a multivitamin for a 50-year-old man won't necessarily meet the needs of a 25-year-old woman. So needless to say, there's some strategy involved to ensure that you're well informed on this subject. To help you get started on your multivitamin journey, we've reached out to a handful of nutritionists to see which multivitamins they take and recommend to their clients.

Keep scrolling for eight expert-approved multivitamins for women.